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Epic Places - Scriiple
Epic Places - Scriple


Epic Places by Filmemacher Deutschland

by FMD

Japan / Asia
Culture Nature Entertainment
Travel Japan in summer

Follow our production crew to Japan and discover the country in a unique way. In just two weeks, our creatives have explored a large part of the country and captured the most beautiful and impressive highlights for you. Unique pictures and videos were created, as well as a spectacular route. Get inspired for your next visit to Japan!

Japan / Asia
Culture Nature Sport
Travel Japan in winter

Japan in winter is unlike any other snowy destination you might have experienced before. Be prepared to get overwhelmed by nature - either while skiing in deep, fresh powder or while enjoying the hot springs Takaragawa. Discover the traditional production of Japanese Nikka whiskey and experience the fascinating Japanese culture in Edo Wonderland. We'll show you the best route through snowy Japan.

Utah / America
Travel Utah
The 'Mighty Five' and more...

Utah is blessed with some of the most dramatic landscapes that are sure to surprise you. Get inspired by our itinerary which led us from the highest snow-capped peaks to the deepest slot canyons and caverns. Utah's many national parks and a vast expanse of desert, canyons, rocky trails, and metropolitan cities that have a small-town feel will make you feel at home. Whether looking for a family vacation or solo trips, there are many reasons to visit Utah.

China / Hong Kong
Travel Hong Kong
Breathtaking Landscapes and sights

Hong Kong thrives on contrasts. Around seven million inhabitants call the city home. In centuries-old districts, the contrasts between eastern customs and western lifestyle are deliberately lived and cultivated. Gigantic skyscrapers frame incense-filled temples, and futuristic shopping malls sit alongside bustling street markets. Just as diverse as Hong Kong's vibrant culture are its taste experiences. With more than 15,000 restaurants, the city has one of the highest restaurant densities in the world. But Hong Kong has another side to it - just minutes beyond the world-famous skyline, it turns green. About 40 percent of Hong Kong's land is protected.

Germany / Europe
Culture Nature Beaches
Travel Usedom
The sunny island of Germany

When the soul needs the open space again... Sand that trickles through the fingers. Wind that blows through your head, waves that take your thoughts on a journey and freedom that flows through your soul with every breath.

Germany's second largest island with 445 km² will enchant you with its diversity and different facets. The Baltic Sea and the white, up to 100 m wide beach on one side, the idyllic Achterwasser with its bays and harbors on the other side and in between a wide and varied landscape with meadows, forests and countless lakes.

We have created the perfect route for your stay on Usedom. In a few days you will get to know the most beautiful and impressive highlights of the island. Get inspired for your next trip to the sunny island of Usedom.

Uganda / Africa
Nature Wilderness
Travel Uganda
The pearl of Africa

Abundant in wildlife and breathtaking landscapes, Uganda is rich in untapped tourism attractions and free of the over-commercialization found within the borders of some of its neighbors. FMD traveled the whole country in two weeks to create unforgettable memories that will help you create your own once-in-a-lifetime itinerary.

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