How to purchase an NFT

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Step one

You need a digital wallet. The most popular choice to connect to our collection is Metamask. Further information about other providers can be found on the web. - perfectly integrable as a browser extension


Step two

Your Metamask digital wallet runs on the Ethereum blockchain by default. We offer our collection primarily on the eco-friendly Polygon blockchain. You need to add this particular blockchain to your Metamask wallet first.


You can easily do this via the Polygon Blockchain homepage. Just click on dApps in the menu and then on the tab Add Polygon PoS Network to Metamask. After that your Metamask extension should open automatically and you just have to confirm the change. From now on you can always switch between the two blockchains in the Metamask extension.


Step three

Buy the cryptocurrency Matic or Ethereum from a trusted trading platform, such as Bitpanda or Coinbase. Both platforms allow you to transfer your cryptocurrencies to your Metamask. You can find more information on the specific platforms.


Your transferred cryptocurrency first appears on the standard Ethereum blockchain on Metamask. You now need to transfer this to the Polygon blockchain. (Attention, every single transfer costs a gas fee!) For the transfer, simply click on Polygon Bridge via this link and follow the instructions there to transfer your cryptocurrency from the Ethereum to the Polygon blockchain. Now you're ready for your first NFT trip!


Step four

On the Epic Places website, search for the trip of your choice and click the NFT button. Now you will be redirected to the Opensea marketplace. Here you just need to connect your digital wallet and then you can purchase the NFT.

Your digital wallet also serves as your personal account. If you want to sell, just click on the sell button in the same window.


Last Step

After purchasing the NFT through Opensea, you get access to locked content. Please follow these instructions directly after purchase. You will then need to download the Token Proof app. On this page you will find all the information on how to link your digital wallet to the app: Tokenproof Mobile Enrollment


This app is your ticket to your flight, hotel and other activities on your upcoming trip. Of course, you can also resell your NFT on the marketplace.