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Travel Utah

The 'Mighty Five' and more...

Travel Utah

Utah is blessed with some of the most dramatic landscapes that are sure to surprise you. Get inspired by our itinerary which led us from the highest snow-capped peaks to the deepest slot canyons and caverns. Utah's many national parks and a vast expanse of desert, canyons, rocky trails, and metropolitan cities that have a small-town feel will make you feel at home. Whether looking for a family vacation or solo trips, there are many reasons to visit Utah.

The adventure starts here

Las Vegas
  • More than 41 million people visit Las Vegas each year.
  • Las Vegas was rated one of the top 10 locations in the country for great food.
  • With its millions of lights, Las Vegas is considered the brightest spot on Earth.

Las Vegas is the first and last stop on this road trip. Trust us, this will be the last time you will see this many people at one place for the next few days. If you have never seen it before or like this vibrant city, enjoy a day here and explore the Las Vegas Strip when the sun sets, and the lights turn on before you start your Roadtrip towards some of the most remote places of the United States.

Amazing hikes and canyons

Zion National Park
  • Zion is more than just slot canyons and amazing hikes -- it also protects archeological sites.
  • The park has a Subway, but it’s not a form of public transportation.
  • Zion has one of the largest freestanding arches in the world.

Utah's first national park should not be missed. The spectacular hikes around Zion Canyon attract many visitors every year. For the lesser-known state parks in the area (e.g. Snow Canyon, Gunlock Reservoir or Yant Flat) plan one or two extra days. Local operators in Springdale will also take you canyoneering in more remote canyons, such as Yankee Doodle Canyon.

A real gem along the scenic route

Red Canyon
  • Utah's 2,200 miles of scenic byways also connect many of The Mighty Five national parks, 43 state parks,
  • Scenic Byway 12 is simply one of America's most beautiful drives. You'll find it difficult not to stop at multiple points along the way

On the way to Bryce Canyon take the "Scenic Byway 12" which will lead you through Capitol Reef National Park and Red Canyon, which reaches its most beautiful coloring especially in the evening hours, but also early in the morning.

Unreal night skies

Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Bryce Canyon has some of the darkest night skies in the United States, and the stargazing is extraordinary on a clear night. Astronomy programs are sometimes offered.
  • The “hoodoo” formations that Bryce Canyon is famous for were formed chiefly by the repeated freezing and thawing of water.

Due to the remote location and orientation, this is THE PLACE for star gazing. Bryce Canyon is located relatively high up, which is why it is usually the coolest here and the snow stays relatively long in the spring. Plan accordingly.

67 sedimentary pipes

Kodachrome Basin State Park
  • Kodachrome Basin State Park has 55 campsites
  • There are also two bunkhouse cabins inside the state park for lodging, managed by the park

Kodachrome Basin State Park flies a bit under the radar. The park got its name from National Geographic when it was first photographed by their photographers that used a film of the same name. Numerous fossilized geysers can be found here in a small area and along beautiful hiking trails. The green trees and shrubs here contrast clearly with the red rock.

Goblins and Slot Canyons

Escalante & Goblin Valley
  • Wildlife here includes black bears, mountain lions, coyotes, mule deer, elk, kangaroo rats, bighorn sheep, a variety of snakes and lizards, and nearly 300 species of birds.
  • The Monument is also an outstanding biological resource, spanning five life-zones - from low-lying desert to coniferous forest.

Prepare for some remote adventures around the town of Escalante! While staying in cozy tiny houses you should explore Goblin Valley State Park and take the dusty road all the way to the picturesque slot canyons „Spooky“ and „Peek-a-boo“.

Outdoor Paradise

  • The name “Moab” comes from an ancient Biblical kingdom. The name “Utah” comes from the Ute language, meaning “people of the mountains”.
  • The Green River and the Colorado River both flow through Canyonlands National Park. They have formed the Park’s canyon mazes and plateaus,
  • Moab is a mountain biking mecca. Its Slickrock Bike Trail is one of the most technically challenging bike trails in the world.

The home of outdoors as we figured out. From unique landscapes to some of the most famous national parks in Utah, this place is a must on every road trip through the State.

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