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Travel Uganda

The pearl of Africa

Travel Uganda

Abundant in wildlife and breathtaking landscapes, Uganda is rich in untapped tourism attractions and free of the over-commercialization found within the borders of some of its neighbors. FMD traveled the whole country in two weeks to create unforgettable memories that will help you create your own once-in-a-lifetime itinerary.

Travel with comfort

Entebbe Airport

With Turkish Airlines, you can fly to Entebbe. The itinerary goes via the new and globally unique giant airport in Istanbul, where you cannot have enough stopovers to take advantage of this small indoor metropolis. The business lounge is one of the most modern in the world and offers everything your heart desires to fortify you for the long flight.

With Turkish Airlines and via the new and one of the world's largest and most spectacular airports in Istanbul, you land at Entebbe Airport near Kampala.

Here the adventure begins and the drive to the city center of the world's largest metropolitan region offers first impressions of the country.

One of the most pristine national parks in the world

Kidepo Nationalpark
  • National Park since 1962
  • 86 species of mammals and about 500 species of birds
  • The park is little visited because it is difficult to reach

Kidepo Valley National Park, also known as Kidepo National Park, is a 1442 km² nature reserve in northeastern Uganda, located directly on the southern border with South Sudan, where it is joined by the 1050 km² Kidepo Reserve, which is part of the same ecosystem.

Cozy overnight stay in Uganda

Apoka Lodge

The Nile river wilderness

Murchison Falls National Park
  • largest and oldest national park in Uganda
  • the best time to visit the park are the dry months of June to September or December to March
  • The Murchison Falls plunge 43 m down through a 7 m wide gorge.

Open grasslands, scrubby Savannah and rolling hills, as well as swamps, characterize the park. The Nile River divides Murchison Falls into two sections. In the southern, somewhat less wildlife-rich section is the humid tropical Rabongo Forest with its numerous Ironwood trees.

Have a overnight stay at

Bakers Lodge

Chimpanzee walking safaris

Kibale Nationalpark
  • established in 1993 in western Uganda near Fort Portal
  • Kibale Forest National Park has one of the highest primate densities in the world.
  • Chimpanzee walking safaris last about two to three hours, and have a maximum number of participants of six.

This National Park offers visitors a wonderful combination of dense cloud forest and chimpanzees. The area is very varied and so safari tourists experience other typical Central African landscapes, such as drier ones.

Elephant Plains is a brand-new luxury lodge

Elephant plains lodge
  • only 2 minutes to the park gate
  • nowhere else in Uganda can you sleep closer to the equator
  • 941 metres above sea level

Elephant Plains is a brand-new luxury lodge located on the most spectacular viewpoint in the whole of Queen Elizabeth National Park. High upon the western escarpment of the Albertine rift in the north east of the park, the lodge offers panoramic views stretching for miles over the huge open grasslands to lake George.

Home to a large population of mountain gorillas

Bwindi Nationalpark
  • Home to a large population of mountain gorillas, which make up nearly half of the world's population.
  • UNESCO World Heritage

Of all the Uganda safaris, the mountain gorilla tracking in Bwindi is one of the most impressive along with the one in Mgahinga National Park. There are 14 gorilla families living here, which safari tourists can visit with a special permit.

Chameleon Hill Lodge is located on the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in Africa, Lake Mutanda

Chameleon Hill Lodge

Situated between Mgahinga and Bwindi National Parks, Chameleon Hill Lodge is located on the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in Africa, Lake Mutanda. This stretches in front of the lodge and forms a fantastic view with its islands and the Virguna volcanoes in the background. The artistic and colorful design of Chameleon Hill Lodge, was mainly inspired by its own surroundings. The lodge and each chalet have been positioned to provide a unique and unobstructed view of the lake and volcanoes from everywhere.

Animal-rich habitat of open grasslands, acacia forests, swamps, and small lakes

Mburu Nationalpark
  • Lions, elephants or giraffes can NOT be found here.
  • Elands are the largest antelope species in Uganda and can be found here

The 260 km² Lake Mburu National Park is located in southwestern Uganda near the town of Mbarara. This park was established in 1982 and since then protects an animal-rich habitat of open grasslands, acacia forests, swamps, and small lakes. The largest of these is the namesake Lake Mburu, located right in the heart of the park. Numerous rocks and hills with small valleys structure the landscape and offer good viewing platforms.

The rainy season in Jinja theoretically lasts the whole year

  • The rainy season in Jinja theoretically lasts the whole year. Months with particularly low rainfall are usually June and September.
  • adrenaline capital of East Africa with white-water rafting, kayaking, quad biking and mountain biking in a gorgeous natural setting
  • The source of river Nile is located in Jinja

Jinja on Lake Victoria, where the White Nile begins its journey to the Mediterranean, is an adventurer's paradise. Here you have the opportunity to discover rural Uganda off the beaten track and enjoy particularly spectacular sunsets. You can explore the impressive river landscapes as well as the traditional life along the river in many different ways.

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