Travel Usedom


Travel Usedom

The sunny island of Germany

Travel Usedom

When the soul needs the open space again... Sand that trickles through the fingers. Wind that blows through your head, waves that take your thoughts on a journey and freedom that flows through your soul with every breath.

Germany's second largest island with 445 km² will enchant you with its diversity and different facets. The Baltic Sea and the white, up to 100 m wide beach on one side, the idyllic Achterwasser with its bays and harbors on the other side and in between a wide and varied landscape with meadows, forests and countless lakes.

We have created the perfect route for your stay on Usedom. In a few days you will get to know the most beautiful and impressive highlights of the island. Get inspired for your next trip to the sunny island of Usedom.

From 4000m altitude in a free fall towards Usedom.

Skydiving Usedom

Get into the plane and take off. Enjoy the view over the ever-shrinking landscape below you. It takes about 15 minutes until you are at the jump height of 3,500 to 4,000 meters! The door of the airplane opens and your big moment is coming: Let yourself fall!

One island, two countries

  • The sandy beach of Swinoujscie has a length of 12 km
  • With an average of 23 degrees in summer, Swinoujscie offers the best conditions for the vacation
  • Around 18 degrees the Baltic Sea can reach in summer

Stroll along Europe's longest promenade from Bansin and cross the border to Swinoujscie. One big step and you are already in Poland. The port city has a particularly beautiful coastal area to offer and is popular with bathers and water sports enthusiasts. But also entertainment, shopping and the beach are worth seeing. If you feel like a little historical excursion, Swinoujscie is also the right place for you. Historical buildings and numerous exhibits are just waiting to be discovered. Two Swinoujscie ferries connect the two parts of the town, which are separated by the Swine River.


The "Old Lady"

Ahlbeck Pier

Usedom has five piers for strolling over the sea! But Ahlbeck Pier is the one with over 100 years of history, 100 years of good and not so good times on Usedom. From the beach cafés, family baths, bars, casinos and sea bridges of past times, only she has remained.

She could certainly tell us a lot about the people who promenaded here over the years, about the painters who painted her, about the writers who wrote about her and, of course, about the lovers who met here.

The best seaside resorts on the Baltic coast

The Imperial resorts of Usedom

Between Heringsdorf and the border to Poland is Ahlbeck, one of the three imperial resorts, with magnificent villas. Ahlbeck has a worth seeing sea bridge from 1899 with a 280 m long jetty (renovated in 1993), probably the most beautiful sea bridge on the Baltic coast. Along the dune road running parallel to the beach promenade, Ahlbeck has buildings worth seeing in the style of classicist "resort architecture".

Where you can find the "Gold of the Sea"


Many vacationers dream of finding amber on Usedom, because the areas around Ückeritz, Loddin, Koserow and Zempin are considered one of the best places to find it. That is why they are also called amber baths. With a little luck you can discover the shimmering ambers on the coasts of Usedom. Especially in the harsh winter season, many are washed up on the beaches.

The narrowest part of the island of Usedom

The Baltic resort of Zinnowitz

Zinnowitz, which is over 700 years old, is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts on the island of Usedom. Since 1851 Zinnowitz is a state-approved seaside resort. At the beginning of the 20th century, hotels and guesthouses were built in impressive spa architecture. Between the Baltic Sea and the Achterwasser, the village is surrounded by beech, oak and coniferous forests. The white, gently sloping sandy beach invites you to relax.

Relax and comfort yourself

White, Sandy Beaches
  • Hilly, wide landscape with meadows, forests, rivers and lakes
  • 42 kilometers of continuous fine, white sandy beach
  • climate with over 2,000 hours of sunshine, the most in all of Germany

Unspoiled nature, the beautiful Baltic resorts of Trassenheide, Zinnowitz and Karlshagen, white sandy beaches and places like Peenemünde, Krummin or even Bannemin and Neeberg characterize this diverse area and invite you to enjoy wonderful moments.


Former high-tech capital of the world


This place was one of the largest places on the island during the Third Reich and one of the most important and high-tech research centers in the world.

The site is known for rocket development at the Peenemünde Army Experimental Station, which was once stationed there and under which the Aggregat 4 missile, known as V2, reached operational maturity.

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