Easy-to-access trails

During our first visit to Utah, we haven’t even heard of this park. Thanks to the locals from the Utah tourism board it luckily became part of our itinerary on our second road trip. If I would have to mention one place in this state that flies completely under the radar, it would be this state park. We love places like this because they are usually less frequently visited and therefore offer a totally different atmosphere which helped us a lot. When shooting at Kodachrome basin State Park you can expect easy-to-access trails that lead you along the remainings of volcanic activities and big boulders that are calling for scenic climbing activities. We also found it the perfect spot to have a break along the road, just to soak in The landscape of the state park which seems like it was an artificial installation.


Since we are a production crew that specializes in photography as well, we have to mention the fact that that the name was given to the park because of its unique colors that have a similar look to Kodak‘s famous film.

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