Sunset walks in Zion National Park

To be honest, during peak season and the most popular times during the day, the experience from hiking the most famous trails can be quite disappointing due to the popularity of the park itself and the number of people that are hiking the same trails.

Therefore it can be a great idea to do these hikes either early in the morning or late in the afternoon for sunset. But keep in mind that road access will be for park officials and hotel guests only during the season. this means, that if you stay for sunset, you will have to walk back from the trailhead to the entrance of the park, which we find is no big deal compared to the number of visitors that you can avoid this way.

Luxurious glamping experiences

We stayed at Zion National Park for two days and therefore needed a place to stay for the night. When searching for accommodation on Google you will be presented with lots of good offers in, or around the park. With our team, we had the honor to be guests at the Zion Under Canvas, which offered us all the amenities of a luxurious glamping experience.

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