Follow the production process of Nikka Whiskey

Besides Ireland and the USA, Japan is also famous for its whiskey. Who does not remember the wonderful commercial that Bill Murray had to shoot in Lost in Translation? But we will get to that later. Near Niseko is the headquarters of the Nikka Whiskey Distillery, one of the oldest and most famous whiskey brands in Japan. In Yoichi is not only the headquarters, but also the first distillery of the company. Here you can follow the production process and witness how the whiskey is still made in the old, traditional way with coal boilers. At wintertime, the visit offers a unique atmosphere. White snow roofs and the cold wind between the buildings, make the tasting at the end of the tour more and more eagerly desired, not only for all whiskey fans. In a noble ambience, you can thus taste the different varieties after learning exactly how it was made.

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