Ski Resorts in Niseko

Niseko is one of the largest ski resorts in Japan and famous worldwide for its eternal powder snow. Among skiers, it is therefore one of the bucket list areas on this planet, where you must have made some descents. From Tokyo, take a domestic flight to theisland of Hokkaido and then drive for about 2-3 hours to the ski resort of Niseko. At the Rhythm ski rental shop, right near the lift station to most of the slopes, we are outfitted with the appropriate skis, snowboards, and complete suits. Afterwards we go straight into the fun and for the first time we get to enjoy the world-famous snow, which seems to be renewed with every descent. With the volcanic mountains in the background and the forests on the sides, the result is a unique panorama that is unheardof on European ski slopes. The choice of lifts and slopes is huge and there is something for every level of progression.

Highlights in Niseko

One of the highlights of a ski vacation so far away in the world is the unusual atmosphere of apr├Ęs ski and the restaurants and huts around it. Here, instead of desserts and stews, you will find typical Japanese cuisine. Ramen, sushi, and the unmistakable smell of miso soups. It does not matter if you eat at small stalls in the open air of the village mile, near the slopes, in the restaurants directly at the central ski lift stations or in one of the countless restaurants along the main street. Here you will also find many international cuisines and there is something for every taste

Remote backcountry slopes

If you want to try something a little racier and have enough experience in skiing and snowboarding, you can try your hand on nearby or more remote backcountry slopes. Here you can put your professional skills to the test and heat down steep slopes through deep powder snow between trees and bushes. You can even sink waist-deep into the snow. A real atmospheric highlight is the night skiing. The slopes are still open a few hours after dark and the slopes are illuminated with huge floodlights. This is rare in Europe and offers a real highlight and new panoramasfor our cameras. So, it could go on all night, would at some point the body does not crave for a good night's sleep. So, it went for us every evening back to the Orchards, our design chalet with a domestic feel-good factor.

Cozy accommodations for small groups

This collection of large, beautiful chalets seems like a small village of its own. Large roofs with high windows offer a snowy panorama, while inside you sit in the warmth and warm up a little miso soup in your own kitchen. These accommodations offer the best atmosphere for small groups, whether families or a group of friends who want to enjoy their ski vacation together. For us, it was the perfect working space where we could set up our editing computers, prep and post our gear, and always have the drones ready. The local supermarkets can provide you with everything you need to fully recharge your energy stores and the rest is taken care of by the restaurants that are only 5 minutes away by car.

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