Highlights in Yakushima Island

The end and highlight of our two-week trip is this small island in the far south of the country. With a ferry, you come from Kagoshima to Yakushima and discover there a true natural paradise, which is unique in the world and a UNESCO natural heritage. In the eternally green moss forests, you can take day-long walks and enjoy the fresh air. In addition, you can extend the nature experience with a stand-up paddling river tour or for all divers a trip to the underwater worlds of the Pacific

Sankara Hotel & Spa

During a tour of the island, you will discover not only all kinds of animals such as deer and small groups of baboons that line the way and block many a road but also picturesque lighthouses and cliffs. At the end of active days and nature excursions, an extensive spa visit is just the right thing and you can enjoy this at the Sankara Hotel & Spa and end the day in the green at the pool.

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